Speed Dating


Speed Dating

The popular world of speed dating has been around for years but only in recent years in which more pressure has been put on young men and women to engage in relationships has speed dating really taken off. Speed dating, for those of you who are not "in the loop" is when a large group of men and women are in a room and there are tables with 2 chars at them. There is a timer in which conversations between a random guy and a girl take place. At each interval of time, anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes per conversation, you initiate a conversation with a total stranger and if you both seem to like talking to each other and you both find each other attractive then you can exchange each other's phone numbers and arrange for an actual date to take place.

Speed dating has recently hit college campuses and in local bars around the country. College kids want to have relationships which are often very short and older people want to find that special someone to find that word we call "love."

Speed dating takes some bit of courage and nerves as you are sitting down with a random stranger and don't have a clue of what to expect. You will often be randomly assigned a seat from a person who you would have never thought of having a conversation with before. However speed dating forces you to be social with other guys and girls and people do get to see your true self. Usually, you will find someone you find attractive and exchange numbers and engage in a relationship.

However, be warned: speed dating relationships are short lived because often you don't have very much in common. When you meet a stranger it is usually at some kind of organization or a club that you are both enrolled in or you both attend and can start a conversation based on your common interest. This isn't so with speed dating and it is really hard to find someone you like while sitting across from a complete stranger.

I highly suggest that if you do decide to go speed dating, go with your friends because it will be a lot more fun. At the end of the speed dating session you can compare notes on your conversations and tell each other something funny that a guy or girl you met told you or something that made you laugh or snicker. You can also exchange phone numbers with your friends if you are interested in going on a date with a person that you didn't quite catch their phone number.